Session 2023 - 2024

Head Teacher  

Mrs Lynne Egan

Principal Teacher  

Mr Kenni Hamilton

P1/2 Class Teacher

Mrs Emma Wallace

P2/3 Class Teacher

Miss Megan Cooper

Mrs Fionnuala Flynn (Wednesday)

P4 Class Teacher

Miss Debbie Halliday

P5/6 Class Teachers

Mrs Patricia Denholm (Mon, Tues, alternate Fri); Mrs Jacqueline Baird (Wed, Thurs, alternate Fri)

P6/7 Class Teacher

Mr Kenni Hamilton (Monday and Friday)

Mrs Jane Donald (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Support for Learning Teacher

Mrs Fionnuala Flynn

Early Years Officer

Miss Evelyn Kitchin

Early Years Practitioners

Miss Rachael Greig

Mrs Lauren Roy

Mrs Fiona Drysdale

Pupil Support Workers in Nursery

Mrs Nikki Thomson

Mrs Wendy Bowes

Early Learning and Childcare Area Support Manager

Mrs Rebecca Brown

Administrative Assistant

Ms Morag Hunter

Pupil Support Workers

Mrs Lynne Bonner

Mrs Rona Jess

Mrs Yvonne Kelly

Ms Rachel McNeil